Taking your prospective next car for a test drive is one of the most important things you can do to help you decide if it is right for you. It will let you get a feel for how the car rides, handles, and drives. Additionally, it will give you a good look at the inside of the car. Here are some tips to follow when test driving one of our used cars at Harper Acura.

Check The Car's Exterior and Interior

On the exterior, look for scratches, dents and dings. Is there any oil or water splatter on the body or under the car? Also, check for dead bugs or other debris. Consider these things before you make a final buying decision near Clinton. You also don't want to get into the driver's seat without looking at the seats first. Check the upholstery for damage, whether that's stains, scratches or anything else.

Consider the Steering Wheel and the Other Controls

The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a test drive around Maryville only to realize you can't find the turn signal, radio, or gear shifter. Look to make sure you can find everything you need and that everything seems in working order. Do this for both the controls around the steering wheel and elsewhere.

What About the Engine?

In the end, a car's engine is the most important thing to look at. If the engine is not working well, it could be a problem down the road. Make sure it starts easily and that no smoke or other emissions are coming from the engine. If it's a manual transmission, you should look at how smooth it is to drive. If you're buying a car with a stick shift, you should be able to shift it smoothly as you drive through Oak Ridge.

A test drive is essential when buying a used car. If you are looking forward to buying a used Acura in Knoxville or any of the other makes we have in our pre-owned inventory, visit us at Harper Acura for a test drive.

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